Double R Phonics

Poor reading skills root from weak phonics skills, students with speaking problem will never become good readers.

Double R Phonics teaches strong phonics decoding skills in order to help students read accurately and proficiently.

Why Double R Phonics teaches reading better than most other phonics programs?

1)  The foundation of reading.

Phonics is the foundation of better reading.  Phonics skills are the greatest indication of reading ability, including fluency and comprehension.

Double R Phonics thoroughly teaches the essential phonics needed for maximum reading achievement.

2)  Comprehensive and complete

Double R Phonics teaches all the phonics sounds and rules of English, covering more than 350 word families. By comparison, many other popular programs are incomplete, covering only a  fraction of the phonic sounds.  Combined with our colorful, innovative online and offline exercises, one can quickly grasp the English sound system.

3)  Lots of practice

In the course of completing Double R Phonics coursebooks and exercises, students read over 5,000 different words and 2,000 sentences, starting at a basic level and progressing to an advanced level. This prepares them to read books and other content at any level.

4) Easy to use and follow

Double R Phonics is very simple to use. Words arranged are rhyme words and presented with corresponding illustrations, students can easily pick up the sounds and definitions.

5) Suitable for all ages

Double R Phonics can benefit people of all ages who are beginning readers, poor readers or dyslexic readers.

6) Ideal for readers suffering from  dyslexia

Double R Phonics is a direct, systematic, intensive phonics program. This approach is widely recognized as the best for teaching dyslexics and other problem readers.

7)  Effective and efficient

Double R Phonics is a proven program, supported by research done in different schools since 2017. 100 % guarantee that Double R Phonics will bring huge improvements in reading achievement for your students.

Double R Phonics-Foundation

(Early Readers)

Double R Phonics-Novice

(All readers)