Currently, a majority of grammar books available are written and edited by teachers whose native language is English. However, native English speakers find it difficult to explain the rules of English grammar to non-native English-speaking students as the learning process required by learning a first language differs from a second language. As such,  many teachers using the methods suggested in those grammar books do not fully understand why and how ESL students struggle in learning English. 

Learning one’s native language versus a second language, it requires two different approaches. The former is a form of innate understanding that does not need to undergo any language integration process. The latter, yet, requires the brain to transform and interchange between the native language and the second language. Double R Amalgam thus places the learning focus on the natural integration process that inevitably occurs when learning a second or a third language, which is to integrate the structural differences between English and Chinese. This allows students to understand the actual structural differences between the two distinctive languages.  With plenty of hands-on experience in our school programs, our team which comprises of experts from kindergarten, primary and secondary education have developed two signature programs tailored made for Chinese learners: {Double R Phonics}and {Double R Boosters}。They help Chinese learners understand the  ‘learning blind spots’, allowing them to easily and quickly improve their English standard.