Welcome to Double R Amalgam

Welcome to Double R Amalgam

our Founders


Miss Rowena


  • Author of Double R Phonics, Double R Booster, Double R Kids-Profession, Penguin Buddies
  • Column Writer for GoodSchool (教育傳媒)
  • Consultant for different schools
  • Over 25 years of Teaching Experience in Band 1, 2, 3 Schools and Adult Section
  • Diploma in Education  (CU)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) (HKU) (English, Japanese, German)
  • Certificate in Korean Studies (HKBU)
  • Oral  Examiner for Hong Kong Exam Authority (HKAL)  
  • Registered Teacher (EDB) 
  • Graduate of Maryknoll Convent School
  • Honorary Consultant of Hong Kong Children Foundation

Miss Rita


  • Over 30 years of teaching experience
  • Panel Head of English Department
  • Master of Education (Curriculum Design and Management)
  • Diploma in Education (CU)
  • Graduate Diploma (TESOL) University of South Australia 
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) (CU) (English and Literature)
  • Registered Teacher (EDB)
  • Former English teacher at Diocesan Boys School

The expectations of the founders of Double R Amalgam



What is Double R Amalgam?

In today’s modern society, everyone  has to compete against time every day; whether you go to work or are simply a student, we all have to race against time to rest and do things we enjoy. Many people spend their whole lives learning English, yet are still unable to confidently speak or write a complete English sentence. Thus, we as founders decided to defy this fate. We have developed a unique teaching methodology – 【整合法】, which is aimed at native Cantonese or Mandarin speakers who face difficulties during their journey to learn English. 【整合法】 can allow Chinese students to easily learn English, and this is because we have (1) integrated our course curriculum, (2) integrated our teaching content, (3) integrated our learning methodology, (4) integrated our homework amount, (5) reorganised the elements of Chinese and English grammar, (6) integrated the different expressions within Chinese and English, (7) redesigned our teaching style, (8) restructured each student’s ability, and (9) reorganised our overall use of time. As such, not only will each student of【整合法】truly be able to understand the realm of English and improve their English, but also allow them to have more personal time to properly enjoy their lives.

The Mission of Double R Amalgam

Double R 【整合法】 is a unique teaching method created by our two founders Ms. Rowena and Ms Rita. It is derived through their accumulated experiences of teaching English for many years, which have enabled them to have a professional understanding of the English language as well as the structural differences between English and Chinese. The aim of Double R 【整合法】 is to resolve the current situation in which people are (1) failing to understand and use the English language despite more than 10 years of learning, (2) failing to understand English newspapers or books despite learning many difficult words in English, or facing other similar issues. Through our passionate belief, we truly believe that Double R 【整合法】will be able to assist any student hoping to raise their Language Quotient within a short period of time.

The Strengths of Double R Amalgam

Currently, a majority of books that teach English grammar are written and edited by teachers whose native language is English. Yet, when teaching, these teachers find it difficult to explain the rules of English grammar to non-native English-speaking students. As such, these students struggle when learning English. Learning one’s native language versus a second language requires two drastically different methods. The former is a form of innate understanding, and does not need to undergo any language integration process. The latter, however, requires the brain to transform and interchange between the native language and second language. Double R 【整合法】thus places the learning focus  onto the natural integration process that inevitably occurs when learning a language, which is to integrate the structural differences between English and their native tongue. Therefore, this allows students to understand the actual structural differences between their native tongue and English. After verification, our professional team have developed two sets that are tailored to the Chinese mindset – 《Double R 拼讀》 和 《Double R 文法天書》。Their distinctive characteristic is that they specifically target ‘learning blind spots’, allowing Chinese learners to easily overcome learning obstacles, and quickly improve their English ability.

Who Needs Double R Amalgam?

If you/your children/your students answer ‘yes’ to majority of the questions below, this would imply that you need Double R Amalgam.

Are you afraid of learning English, and even feel tired of it?

Are you always at a loss to understand English grammar?

Are you feeling confused by English phonetics / pronunciation?

Do you feel that your English level is unideal, below par, or even decreasing?

Despite having sought outside institutions or have continued to study English online, your learning progress lacks improvement?

Want to see significant improvements in your English level within one school year?

Double R Phonics

Poor reading skills root from weak phonics skills, students with speaking problem will never become good readers.


Double R Phonics teaches strong phonics decoding skills in order to help students read accurately and fluently.


[en]Double R English Boosters

60 booklets + zoom classes