Welcome to Double R Amalgam


Miss Rowena


  • Author of Double R Phonics, Double R Booster, Double R Kids-Profession, Penguin Buddies
  • Column Writer for GoodSchool (教育傳媒)
  • Consultant for different schools
  • Over 25 years of Teaching Experience in Band 1, 2, 3 Schools and Adult Section
  • Diploma in Education  (CU)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) (HKU) (English, Japanese, German)
  • Certificate in Korean Studies (HKBU)
  • Oral  Examiner for Hong Kong Exam Authority (HKAL)  
  • Registered Teacher (EDB) 
  • Graduate of Maryknoll Convent School
  • Honorary Consultant of Hong Kong Children Foundation

Miss Rita


  • Over 30 years of teaching experience
  • Panel Head of English Department
  • Master of Education (Curriculum Design and Management)
  • Diploma in Education (CU)
  • Graduate Diploma (TESOL) University of South Australia 
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) (CU) (English and Literature)
  • Registered Teacher (EDB)

The expectations of the founders of Double R Amalgam

  • We have developed the Double R Integration Method, a unique teaching methodology for native Cantonese or Mandarin speakers struggling to learn English. Our approach integrates the curriculum, content, methodology, and grammar of English learning, while restructuring teaching style and homework load to optimize learning within a given timeframe.

The Mission of Double R Amalgam

  • The Double R Integration Method, created by Ms. Rowena and Ms. Rita, is a teaching approach born from their years of experience teaching English and understanding the structural differences between English and Chinese. It aims to address the issue of students struggling to understand and use English despite years of study, and to improve language proficiency quickly.

The Strengths of Double R Amalgam

  • Most English grammar books are written by native English-speaking teachers, who struggle to explain grammar rules to non-native English speakers. The Double R Integration Method focuses on integrating the structural differences between a student’s native language and English, allowing learners to understand the differences and improve quickly. The method includes tailored sets for Chinese learners called “Double R Phonics” and “Double R Grammar book,” which target learning blind spots and help learners overcome obstacles.

Who Needs Double R Amalgam?

IF you 

–feel intimidated or exhausted by learning English?

–struggle to understand English grammar?

–find English phonetics/pronunciation confusing?

–feel your English skills are below average or getting worse?

–get tried outside institutions or online learning but haven’t seen much progress?

–want to significantly improve your English proficiency within a school year?



A Form 5 Student Benefiting from the Double R Amalgam(The third girl from the left in the first row).

The Student of the Year 2022 Awards From SCMP(Click the Photo to know more)

Double R English Boosters

Double R English Boosters is a comprehensive program for non-native English speakers, featuring 60 booklets and online classes. Focusing on grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, the program uses the Double R Integration Method to help learners overcome obstacles and improve their proficiency quickly. Experienced teachers provide guidance and support, making it an effective and efficient way to learn English.

Double R Phonics

Poor reading skills root from weak phonics skills, students with speaking problem will never become good readers.

Double R Phonics teaches strong phonics decoding skills in order to help students read accurately and fluently.