[:en]Teacher workshop[:zh]教師工作坊[:]
[:en]Double R zoom lessons[:zh]Double R 線上課程[:]
[:en]Consultation Services[:zh]諮詢服務[:]

[:en]School enhancement classes [:zh]學校課後增進班[:]

[:en]Our signature Double R English enhancement course is specially designed for Chinese students who want to improve their English skills. Our curriculum design is unique, using a comprehensive approach to explain the complicated English grammatical rules in a simple way, to cater for the needs of ESL students of different levels. Double R Amlagam is easy and efficient enough for students to grasp the structure of English from the very basic to the advanced level in a short time[:zh]Double R 英語進修班專為希望學好英語的華裔學生而設。我們的課程設計獨特,利用綜合的方法深入淺出,照顧不同程度學生的需要,務求能在短時間內,令學生從最基本開始掌握英語的結構,顯著提升綜合英文水平。[:]