[:en]Double R Amalgam Signature English Programs[:zh]《Double R 整合法》常規英語課程[:]

[:en]1. Organize English enhancement courses for students with different talents

Our signature Double R English enhancement course is specially designed for Chinese students who want to improve their English skills. Our curriculum design is unique, using a comprehensive approach to explain the complicated English grammatical rules in a simple way, to cater for the needs of ESL students of different levels. Double R Amlagam is easy and efficient enough for students to grasp the structure of English from the very basic to the advanced level in a short time

Professional consultation services for schools (one semester or academic year)

Double R Amlagam offers schools with insightful consultation services, and at the same time assist teachers in understanding the common blind spots faced by students in English learning. We provide training classes or workshops for teachers.  We empower teachers to guide the less talented students or SEN students through the English learning.  We also provide practical cases (Train the trainer programme).  We are confident that by using Double R Amalgam teaching approach, English teachers face no more frustrations in English teaching and can turn their teaching careers over a new leaf.

One-day English Activities

 English Day Camp

Let students use the language in a fun way!!!  We organise different kinds fun games, drama, sports, art, technology and other activities in English! We get students immersed in a pure English learning atmosphere. Different types of activities can be used to complement the school curriculum to make it more substantial, complete and interesting, and the most important of all to cultivate students’ interest in learning English!

Team Building Day

Language is a communication tool. To cooperate with other individuals in the 21st century and this international metropolitan, one must have a sound foundation in both written and speaking English. Our team building activities  are designed to help learners learn to follow instructions in English and build their team spirit.  We create an effective, creative and fun learning environment for English learners! Our instructors will observe the performance of the students and give suggestions after the whole activity.

English Carnival

Without doubt, a fun and lively atmosphere of the carnival just offset the seriousness of learning English. Different English booth games can make students actively explore and use English! 

Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts can often bring excitement and mystery to children! It is not only a lot of fun, but participants can also exercise the body and foster intelligence. Why not turn your school into a treasure island and let students finish English questions to find clues to the treasure !

Careers Expo Day

After students complete their studies, they will embark on a job search. Most of the career expos in the market are conducted in Chinese. Our English Careers Expo. can help your students practise their interview skills. 

New Immigrants Immersion Programs

Different stages of transitional processes have a profound impact on personal growth.  Our bridging course for new students in Hong Kong targets to help every new face to adapt to the new learning environment and academic journey as soon as possible.


1.Provide NET teachers

All our NET teachers provided to schools have attended “Double R Amalgam Train the Trainers Program” and fully understand the difficulties faced by Chinese ESL learners.

2. Course Design

” Double R Amalgam ” is a set of systematic and comprehension teaching approach for Chinese ESL learners. We shuffle the sequence of teaching different grammatical items so that students can learn effectively and easily.

3. Interactive teaching materials and enlightening teaching

All teaching materials are especially designed by Double R Amalgam Founders, who fully understand the difficulties faced by Chinese ESL learners. The materials are not only interactive but also inspiring, which can definitely get students engaged in English learning. 

4. Double R Readers

In order to better prepare students in the use of the language and fall in love in English reading, we are publishing a series of interesting reading materials about careers, good manners and cultural intelligence.

Double R 英語進修班專為希望學好英語的華裔學生而設。我們的課程設計獨特,利用綜合的方法深入淺出,照顧不同程度學生的需要,務求能在短時間內,令學生從最基本開始掌握英語的結構,顯著提升綜合英文水平。


《Double R 整合法》能為學校提供前瞻性的顧問服務,同時協助老師尋找學生學習上常見的盲點。我們為老師提供培訓班或工作坊,

指導如何教授天賦稍遜學生的技巧及提供實際案例(Train the trainer programme)。我們明白老師在教學時所遇到的難處,理解他們的困惑,希望透過向老師們分享在不同組別學校的多年教學經驗,有助他們化解教學上的疑惑。

















1. 提供英裔的外籍老師

我們提供給學校的外籍老師都經過嚴格“Double R導師陪訓課程”,充分了解了中國學習者所面臨的困難。


“ Double R Amalgam”是一套有系統且完整的教學法。我們調整了教學不同語法項目的順序,與我們自家研製的材料一起使用,中國學生能有效而輕鬆地學習。


所有教材均由Double R Amalgam創始人特別設計,充分理解了中國學生所面對的困難。這些材料不僅具有互動性,而且具有啟發性,務求令學生喜愛英語。