[:en]English teaching with Double R Amalgam

Since March 2017, Double R Amalgam has launched different School English Enhancement Programs to teach important tips in English learning. We have witnessed the quick improvement of every student we taught with our easy and efficient approach. Our gratitude to the following schools for their trust and support:

School Partners Served

(1) Caritas St. Joseph’s Secondary School

(2) Jockey Club Ti-I College

(3) Whampoa Alliance Primary School 

Serving Schools

(1) Tuen Mun Government Secondary School

(2) Kowloon Technical School

(3) Lung Cheung Government School

(4) Ju Ching Chu Secondary School (Tuen Mun)

(5) Macau Xinhua School

 We sincerely hope to add your school on the list in the future. For details, please email us or call us at 66166066.  


採用Double R整合法教學英語

 Double R 整合法 2017 三月開展業務至今, 我們的課後英語提升班或促進英語計劃已支緩了不少學生的英語學習並傳授了英語學習的重要竅門, 迅速地提升了每一位學員的英語水平。衷心感謝以下學校對我們的信賴及支持:



(2) 賽馬會體藝中學

(3) 黃埔宣道小學


(1)屯門官立中學 (2)九龍工業學校 (3)龍翔官立學校 (4) 裘錦秋中學(屯門)(5)澳門新華學校

在未來學年,Double R 整合法會繼續為更多所學校服務,查詢請電 66166066。[:]